Guest’s Feedback

Guests Comment
 M/M Sharp Emily (Australia) (January 2014)  We are very pleased with the room. We are happy with our stay here despite the wet weather.
Ms Monika Stralkowska/Mr Rafal (Poland) (December 2013)  We feel welcomed by the staffs. We enjoyed our stay here. Everything is fine
and we loved the breakfast buffet.
M/M Ada Pallensen (Denmark)(December 2013) We enjoyed the foods & friendly service by the staffs
M/M Michaelis Manfred ( German )(November 2013) The staffs are knowledgeable, kind and helpful.
Suzan & Wayne Thompson (Australia)Diane & Ron Bartsch (Australia) To all our friends in Damai Beach Resort.  Once again many thanks to all for making our stay very enjoyable and comfortable.  We truly value your kindness, service and friendship.  It has been our pleasure to once again stay here with you and we very much look forward to our return in the near future.
Mr/Mrs. Gillford aka Mama & Papa (Australia)(October 2013) To our laundry staffs, please accept this small gift of appreciation of your excellent service and honesty in returning the cash left in Papa’s trousers when being clean recently.  A big thank you to all.
Ms Britt Oort & Mr Tom Johannes ( Dutch) (September 2013) The check-in process was good.  We are happy with our stay here, nice place & nice people around. 
Mr & Mrs  Andre Van Valk (Dutch) (September 2013) We enjoyed the ocean view from our room.We have tried the food in both of the restaurants and we find the food were very nice.
Mr Mustafa Junis & Mrs Martina (German)(August 2013) We are enjoying our holiday here. The place is very peaceful & quiet.
 M/M Luigi Villa ( Italian) (August 2013) We have been here at least 5 to 6 times already. It was as great as ever and yes 1609 is always our favourite room.
Ms Poulsen & Martinussen Nadja (Denmark) (July 2013) This is our first time to Borneo & Damai. Will enjoy our stay as we want to do outdoor activities too. Room is perfect. All in order. Complete room, clean & tidy. We might extend 1 more night.
M/M Burghardt Josef & Barbara (Germany)  (July 2013) Foods is very good. We have been to Café Satang and we enjoyed our meal time. The service staffs is good and they are friendly.
Mr Rajan Thampi & Mrs Noriko (Japanese) (June 2013) We love the beautiful scenery. Will enjoy our here.
Mr & Mrs Thomas Byrne & Family (Ireland) (June 2013) Good foods and we love the chicken rice. It’s fresh and taste delicious.
Mr Mueller Hans Klaus (German) (May 2013) Nice & comfortable room.
Ms Noraida Yunus (Malaysian) (May 2013) Everything went fine with our stay here, the staffs were very helpful & attend to our request promplty, it made our job easier as we are here basically on photo shooting for RTM programme.
Mr Roy Lawan & fam (Malaysia) (May 2013) So far so good. Nice palce for family & friend get together.
Mr & Mrs Schoerer Wolfgang (German) (April 2013) As for now, everything is just fine. We are happy to be here again. We choose the best month to come.
Mr Chen James Chueh (Malaysia) (April 2013) So far so good, I might come back again by myself.
Mdm Wrenger Susanne (Meier) (April 2013) Everything are fine, we had no problem on the room. The maid was very good in taking care of our room.
Mr & Mrs Topazio  David ( British) (March 2013) We just had our dinner at the main café this evening, we had a lovely  meal.
Mr & Mrs Juriks ( Norwegian ) (March 2013) We truly enjoyed our stay here and everything has been good so far.
Mr & Mrs Diric Lester ( USA)(March 2013) We enjoyed our stay here. We might come next time.
Mr Philip & Laucher Boast ( British)(February 2013) We are enjoying the hilltop pool and the   overall resort is just great & wonderful people. We have stayed here many times before, our last visit being 9 years ago. We will surely come back.
Mr & Mrs Hughes Alun Wyn/Mary (British) (February 2013) Last night we took the buffet dinner at Café Satang and headhunter cocktails at the S/Bar. It was very good.
Mr & Mrs Krivko Roman( Kazakhstan) (February 2013) Staffs are knowledgeable
Mr/Mrs Yanick Alain (Swiss)(January 2013) We are enjoying our stay here just like the last time we were here. The staffs here are wonderful people, they are very kind, friendly and very helpful too.
Mr/Mrs Taylor (UK) (January 2013) Our stay wake wonderful because the staffs attended to every need with a happy to help attitude.
Mdm Ngu Liang Him(December 2012) Room was spacious and comfortable and lovely view too
Mrs Sri Kardirini (Indonesian) (November 2012) We stayed in a very nice room even though a bit far from the main facilities
Mr/Mrs Jamie Peter Pratt (British) (October 2012) Last night we had our dinner at Café Satang, we tried the Chicken cooked in the bamboo, it was delicious.
M/M Polvsen Bent (Danish) (October 2012)  We had enjoyed our holiday and everyone treated us well.
 Prof.Dr Fasihuddin Badrudin (October 2012)  We are enjoying the resort. You have a wonderful staff here.
 Mdm Tara Kauffman(October 2012)  Rooms was beautiful and lovley scenery during sunset.
 Ms Hatch Kirsty (Australia)(September 2012)  We had dinner at Café Satang. The food was good
 Pn Siti Mazlina Suaidi (Malaysia)(September 2012)  Breakfast food quite good and many different varieties of food.
 Ms Julia Hall (Australia) (September 2012)  Staffs were friendly and helpful
Sukhoviy Yulia (Russia) (August 2012) Breakfast was very good and we enjoyed the food.
Gaal Gyula (Hungary)         (August 2012) We had dinner at Café Satang and the food was good.
(July 2012)
 Our stay was wonderful because of the natural kindness of all employees
 Anonymous (July 2012)  Resort service was very good.  Please don’t change anything.
 Germany(July 2012)  Being a hotel in its age, it opens its charm at the  glance.
 Anonymous (July 2012) Friendly and warm service minded staff.  Quiet and perfect for relaxing vacation.
Mrs. Corlan / Romania (June 2012) I was very satisfied with the food as well as the overall service.  Everything has been wonderful during my stay here.  I’ll put in a very good comments in the Trip Advisor.  I might want to come back again
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Helen
(June 2012)
We have tried the food at Café Satang and Fisherman’s Catch.  We enjoyed the food at Fisherman’s Catch the most.  We were very impressed with the people around here and also with the cleanliness of the surrounding area.  Keep it up
Mr. & Mrs. Texton /British
(June 2012)
We had our dinner at Fisherman’s Catch this evening, the food was very nice
Mr. & Mrs. Kolster /German (June 2012) We had our dinner at Fisherman’s Catch this evening.  The food was very delicious and service by the staff were friendly.  We are happy with our stay here, we enjoyed the warm weather and the nature
Ms. Lisa Sutherland (May 2012) We had dinner at the Treez Restaurant.  We love local dishes and staff who attended us (Norin) was excellent
Mr. & Mrs. Pluciennik Anna
(May 2012)
Breakfast served at Café Satang was very good.
Ms. Anna Rompa
(May 2012)
We had dinner at Café Satang. The food were very nice and staffs are friendly too.
Mrs. Jaeger Sigrid
(April 2012)
I am very impressed with the staff responsiveness.  They will act immediately whenever I need assistance
Ms Bhatia Vimi
(April 2012)
This is a beautiful place and very peaceful too.
Mr. & Mrs. Lunnel Fredrik
(April 2012)
We were happy with the room given.  And we had our dinner at Café Satang and the food as well as the service were both very good.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Graham Bunn  (March 2012) We had our dinner at Fisherman’Catch the food and the service were excellent – M.M Kenneth Graham Bunn.
Mr. & Mrs. Walliser Andreas
(March 2012)
We had our dinner at Fisherman’ Catch.  It was great.
Mr. Smith R  (March 2012) This is a lovely place.
Henrik Munchow (March 2012) Shuttle service very good and polite.
Mr. & Mrs. Bigos Helga
(March 2012)
We enjoyed our stay here and all the staffs here are wonderful people.  They are very friendly and helpful.
Nor Salmi Hussaini, Event Management Team for HPT 2012 (February 2012) 5 star rated staff.  They are wonderful, helpful, professional and great PR.
Arlene School
(February 2012)
Amanda is truly wonderful, professional and friendly.
Douwe Franssens (February 2012) Food was good and service was excellent.
Markus Percic
(February 2012)
Food and service at the restaurant was excellent
Martin Sia
(February 2012)
We enjoyed the beach eventhough the sea was too rough for swimming.
Peter Huxtable (January 2012) Pool attendant, Rahmat and Anderson very friendly and helpful.
 Dr. John McClellani (January 2012)  You surrounded us with smiling face.
 Stefan Holweg (January 2012)  Everybody was very helpful and friendly.
 Ms Christine Hii Siew Cheng
(January 2012)
Restaurant staffs are so friendly & attend us always with smile. I personally feel warm & even foods always late to be refilled, but I still enjoy my meal there. Thanks a lot
(January 2012)
 Shahidan Boim at Activity Centre was fantastic.
(January 2012)
Good service to excellent good made the stay great. Also, the pool was fantastic. And we like the cats!
 Sandra Smith (January 2012) Great service by wonderful caring people.
Lase Bjork
(January 2012)
Food at Fishermen’s Catch are very good.
P & R Seade
(December 2011)
F&B quality is very good & room service is quick.
P & R Seade
(December 2011)
All staff helpful & polite.
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley (November 2011) Once again we thank you all for making our visit to the resort very memorable. We can now begin to look forward to our next visit. Until then Good Luck and many thanks to you all.
Sue & Alan Legan (November 2011) All were excellent, especially Idris, Chamberlin and Barbara.
Adeline Kueh (November 2011) Staff are friendly and smiling all the time.
Harbour View Hotel Crew
(November 2011)
Warm & friendly service.
S. Whitehead
(October 2011)
All staff we met have a wonderful ‘can do’ attitude – we could not choose any individual as they are all excellent.
E. Andersson
(October 2011)
Staff good & friendly.
Mr. Stuart Hirst (October 2011) Hilltop pool Excellent.
(October 2011)
Staff – so friendly and willing is please.
(October 2011)
Staff are wonderful!!They are your best asset.
Georgina Kueh / Sally Kueh
(August 2011)
Food & beverage service is very good.
Sabine & Joachim Olzewski
(August 2011)
Barbara the waitress at Fishermen’s Catch was very friendly.
Allison Lim
(August 2011)
Nice view, comfort room & helpful staff.
James Chia
(August 2011)
Quiet and relax environment. All guests well behave, respecting privacy and comfort of others.
Matthew Cardus
(August 2011)
Shuttle bus service and staff fantastic.
Jens Petersen & Joan Kjoerbye
(July 2011)
Peter (cook) and Sedia (Waitress) but all of them were very kind. Thank you.
Mr. Hilary Reid
(July 2011)
A very young and enthusiastic group of staff.
Mr. Mohd Kamal B. Md Yussof
(June 2011)
For food and beverage quality, good keep up a good work.
Mr. Garry Brandah (June 2011) Staffs are very courteous and responsive and Safety and security being prioritized at all time.
Mr. Hansruedi Burkhalter
(May 2011)
Very friendly attitude, excellent food at reasonable price.
Ms. June L. Admodisastro
(May 2011)
Impressed with the feeding strays cat programs.
Mr. Mike Thrush and Ms. Marie
(May 2011)
Fabulous Staff.
Mr. Kaija Gentzel
(May 2011)
Nice people our wishes came true!
Mr. Paul and Ms. Julie (May 2011) EXCELLENT! The friendly, personalized service was great, staff knew our names especially the children.
Mr. Richard Jarvis
(May 2011)
Every Day we were met with a big smile from every employee of the Resort.
Ms. Cecile Guevin (April 2011) Shuttle is EXCELLENT!
Ms. Florinoya Peter (March 2011) Thumbs up on Hostess!
Madam Zuhaila
(Feb 2011)
Your Housekeeping very Excellent!
Ms. Ariel Siew and Mr. Simon Lo
(Feb 2011)
Staffs are all very helpful and friendly.
Ms. Ingrid Bennekou (Feb 2011) All of the Employees that I met left a very good impression!
Ms. Rose Vaithilingam (Feb 2011) Resort service Excellent!
Mr. Iidiko Leskovics (Feb 2011) Food and Beverage Quality perfect and excellent (mostly breakfast).
Mr. Mohd Razlie Arshad (Jan 2011) Local breakfast was great.
 Mrs. Sandy Smith
(Dec 2010)
Thanks again for a wonderful holiday.

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