The Art of Natural Therapy

Nowhere does paradise come closer as ancient secrets to self-preservation invigorating your senses, Sarawak’s finest secrets to beauty, relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Santubong Spa & Retreat embraces the odysseus spirit of man in his quest for wholeness by inheriting traditional wisdom, sharing it and passing it on. The epic journey in pursuit of remedies has brought man into the soothing arms of Mother Nature, inviting Her to reveal Her inner most secrets.

The Hornbill has a special place in the traditional lives of the ethnic people in Sarawak – our signature massage, the ‘Hornbill Massage’ was developed by not only from consultation with local herbalists and practitioners, but also conceptually inspired by the behavioural movement of the majestic hornbill such as its claws’ grip on the tree branch despite the huge casque on its head (Balancing), its ‘thunderous’ wing flapping before air-borne (Energising), its ability to glide over the open sky (Harmony), and its huge bill (beak) pecking the berries (Exotic).

Let us pamper you with a touch of indulgence and wellness.

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